Forest Ridge

In today's hectic lifestyle your home is one place where you should relax and unwind. Imagine a home amidst the rolling hills blessed with nature's bounties where every morning you can wake up with the chirping of the birds and the early morning mist from the near by ponds.

It is a paradise that mother nature created just for you and its proximity to the golf course, resorts, educational facilities, GIGA city, ICICI knowledge park and twin cities puts HUDA approved Forest Ridge above the rest.

Unique concept of  Forest Ridge

  • Eco friendly project focusing on the natural surroundings
  • Developed in harmony with nature
  • Private secure and peaceful
  • An exclusive and safe community
  • Long term project focused on building a community
  • Environmentally conscious
From the distance thou didst appear
Barricaded in rocky aloofness.
Timidly I crossed the rugged path
To find here all of a sudden
An open invitation in the sky
And a friend’s embrace in the air.
In an unknown land the voicethat
Seemed ever known
Revealed to me a shelter of loving intimacy 
-- Rabindranath Tagore On Hyderabad's Natural Rock formations
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A message from the developers:

We always wanted to do something different and when we saw the opportunity to transform the difficult rocky terrain into interesting landscapes we grabbed it.