Sale Agreement

Once you have selected your dream home our expert team sits with you and explains all the modalities involved in the buying process. All the terms and conditions are explained to you in details. This ensures that all our esteemed customers know and understand the process fully and their dream home turns out to be an astute investment for them.

Once an understanding has been reached between the buyer and the sales team in all aspects of the process and the terms and conditions of the same a Sale Agreement is drawn out between the buyer and us.

The Sale Agreement clearly marks out the following amongst other things.

  • Plot number and floor area of the house.
  • Sale consideration
  • Corpus Fund
  • Specification and Amenities
  • Mode of payment and the schedule of payment
  • Schedule of completion and handover

This sale agreement is an important document and needs to be preserved. Amongst other things the buyer may need this document if he or she opts to apply for a bank loan to part finance the purchase.